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 Changelog (March 19,2009)

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PostSubject: Changelog (March 19,2009)   Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:51 pm

yes, after a long time..
nakapag change log din.

Log in Pop up

wala naman maxadong special about this feature.
it's just this one you always see on your screen everytime you visit this forum.

Reputation and Points System

as for this one,

The point system is a system based on different criteria and allowing users to evaluate.

How are points calculated?

  • Points generated by the number of posts
  • Points generated by the number of topics created
  • Points generated by the number of friends that the user has
  • Reputation points
  • Points generated by the registration date of the member
  • Points generated by the number of message on his profile

ganito ung makikita niong example..

Ganito ung criteria..

  • Gain points per profile message : 1 pt
  • Gain points per friend : 1 pt
  • Gain points per day since registration : 10 pts
  • Points given per message in topics : 1 pt
  • Points given per subject : 2 pts

tapos sa reputation naman..

  • Points given per positive vote : +1
  • Points given per negative vote: -1
  • Points given per "Thanks button": +3

dito makikita kung pano kayo mag bibigay ng points ng reputation.

and that's it for today. Smile

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Changelog (March 19,2009)
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